3 Most Common Shower Drain Replacement Methods

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Aside from checking your shower heads, you should also check the condition of your shower drainage pipes. Shower drain problems can be caused by blockages, which will not allow water to flow properly. You can solve this by getting a professional shower drain replacement service. But before you hire one, you should first know how you can replace your shower drain? On that note, here are the most common shower drain replacement methods!

Bathtub Drain Replacement

For tub drains, the best way to fix them is by purchasing an entire new one. Bathtub drain parts can be found in various plumbing stores. Just be careful when buying a replacement as some stores only sell inexpensive copies of the original parts. If your drain is too old to buy replacement parts, then a tub drain replacement may be the best option for you. So make sure to call a plumber and have a shop sink drain installed by them. This method is expensive but effective.

Tub Drain Installation

If you don’t want to replace the drain in the tub, you can also install the tub drain in the shower. You can remove the drain in the bathroom, then remove the old shower and install the drain in the new one.

Tub to Tile Drain Replacement

If you want to replace the old tub drain with a new one, you can also use a tub to tile drain replacement. Most tub to tile drain replacement kits are designed to be compatible with both bathtubs and showers. So, basically, you can use the drain from your tub to install it in your tile shower! Another advantage of tub to tile drain replacement is that it is usually cheaper than installing tub drains in the entire bathroom. Although, it’s up to you to decide whether this is a cheaper option or not.

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