A Reliable Plumbing Contractor Tells You What to Do if Your Water Won’t Run

Why Isn’t My Water Working?

You start your day, head to the bathroom to wash your face, and no water comes out of the tap. It’s hardly the ideal way to start the day, but what can you do? Why isn’t your sink working? There might be several explanations for this. Here are some step-by-step guidelines from a reliable plumbing contractor for determining what went wrong and perhaps getting your water flowing again.

Consider Another Faucet

If your other fixtures are still operational, the problem with your bathroom sink is due to a faulty faucet. It might be blocked, dislodged, bent, or damaged, or it could be as easy as the sink valve under the sink is closed! Worst-case scenario, you’ll have to replace the faucet, which is actually rather simple if you know how. If not, then it’s time to contact your plumbing contractor!

Check Your Cold Water

If the cold water seems to flow OK but you can’t make it hot, your water heater is most likely broken. Heater problems can occur for a variety of reasons, including being switched off or disconnected, the pilot going out, or sediment accumulation obstructing the heating element. It’s possible that the heater is leaking. Verify that the pilot light on your water heater is illuminated and that the heat is turned on. If it is functioning, try flushing the heater and then allowing it to heat up again. If flushing does not work, your heater may need to be serviced or replaced.

Checking Your Water Main May Help You

This may sound basic, but it happens: if you suddenly lose water in your home, ensure sure your main is turned on. If your mainline valve is closed, no water can enter any of your home’s supply pipes. Close the valve completely and double-check your faucets. If your valve is stuck, water will struggle to pass beyond the valve’s constricted opening, resulting in pressure loss. If too much pressure is applied to go through the limited aperture, your water may not be able to reach your faucets.

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