How Long Should It Take to Replace a Water Heater?

Commercial Water Heater Installation Tips

When a water heater breaks down, the impact on a business is significant and immediate. A water heater that has been leaking for a while or suddenly bursts can also result in a great deal of damage. And, of course, without a working water heater, there are no hot showers and hot water for appliances. So, when faced with such situations, everyone wants a new commercial water heater installation done, right?

Installation process

Once you decide to are forced to replace your old water heater, there are a few decisions that you must make in order to get the process started. If there are no problems or complications, then a licensed plumber will be able to complete the installation in 2-3 hours.

Here’s what to expect when it comes to purchasing and installing a new water heater.

  1. Consultation with licensed professionals. Service technicians will be able to determine your water heater situation and help you to decide which is the best water heater for your needs and budget. This can mean replacing your old water heater with a similar one or switching to a tankless solution.

  2. Clear Area Around Heater. Make sure that you remove any items that may be around the heater and in the surrounding area so that the service technicians have unobstructed access to the heater.

  3. Removal of The Old Heater. Just like installing a new one, uninstalling the old one does take a few steps. The tank first has to be drained and disconnected from the power or fuel source, and then it can be removed safely.

  4. Installation of New Heater. Getting the new heater into your business and maneuvering it into the right spot also takes time; how much will depend on where it is located and how clear the access is going to be.

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