The Essential Commercial Water Heater Installation Tips Your Business Will Need

The Important Tips for Company on Business Water Heater Installation

If only water heaters were straightforward, you could have hot water on demand. If you don’t obtain adequate installation—especially given that you require commercial-grade equipment to accomplish this—you can find yourself in “hot water.”

When equipment breaks down, and you have customers waiting to take hot showers at your sports club, for example, commercial water heaters could become a problem for your company. With energy usage raising your power costs or equipment needing frequent repairs, your water heaters may be a significant expense.

To avoid such stressful and costly problems for your business, you must start with the installation. Here are the essential commercial water heater installation tips.

Pick the Appropriate Commercial Water Heater Equipment

The following items are classified as commercial water heater equipment by the Department of Energy:

  • Electric
  • Gas-fired
  • Commercial storage water heaters that burn oil
  • Instantaneous water heaters that use gas and oil
  • Boilers that supply hot water
  • Tanks used to store unfired hot water

Unlike storage water heaters, which heat and store water in a tank with a thermostat, instantaneous water heaters heat water when needed. Meanwhile, hot water supply boilers warm drinkable water for uses other than space heating. Externally heated water is stored in non-fired hot water storage tanks. Determine the equipment that best meets your demands and business.

Consider the Design of the Commercial Water Heater Equipment

Some equipment will need more maintenance just due to the way it was constructed. When the equipment needs maintenance or repair, a challenging task to enter and exit could increase labor costs for your company.

Some industrial water heater installers may recommend certain equipment since they make it simpler to safeguard your investment. For instance, if there is enough space on your property, side-plumbed tanks are appropriate.

Choose Your Installer Carefully

Your installer determines the durability and efficiency of your business water heater. Ensure your installer has completed numerous projects for various companies and delivered adequate, if not exceptional, services. Red flags to look out for include incorrect or late deliveries and installation staff that cannot answer simple queries concerning your water heater system.

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