What Are the Must-Have Plumbing Repair Tools?

Must-Have Tools!

Deep down, we all want to be DIY or do-it-yourself homeowners. While there is a certain charm to being your general contractor and using your bare hands to complete a task, it’s best to hire a professional plumber in most cases. Below are some plumbing repair tools that you can consider investing in.

Tape Measure

It is an essential tool that will allow you to measure large areas easily. You can also use it to extend marks on the floor once you have placed them with a tape measure. And lastly, you can use it to verify the overall length of plumbing pipes and other plumbing parts before you install them. So ensure you have a tape measure when repairing your plumbs.

Tongue-and-groove Pliers

These pliers have flat ends that allow you to grip pipe necks and other plumbing parts with T-shaped flanges. They are mainly used to turn pipes and other plumbing parts and can be a valuable addition to your plumbing toolbox. So don’t hesitate to invest in one. You can also use this tool for other home repairs in the future.

Safety Goggles

While most homeowners won’t use them, these goggles will be a great investment if you’re working with pressurized water or chemicals. If you’re afraid of getting a face full of water, goggles are a must-have. Goggles can save you from unwanted facial injuries and can help you prevent eye damage or losing eyesight. You can buy PVC-free safety goggles.

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